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Katharine and Susan are two sisters who decided to find a silver lining to the cloud of living thousands of kilometres apart (Susan lives in South Africa, while Katharine lives in England.)

Their love affair with Wonki Ware started when Susan flew home for Christmas one year, with a large Wonki Ware salad bowl in aubergine.

Actually, she brought three, as Christmas presents for the family.  That Christmas, every mealtime featured one or more of the Wonki Ware gifts. Everyone was genuinely amazed at how they transformed a bowl of buttered veg, or a humble turkey curry, into a work of culinary art.

CLAYSPOON was born out of a belief that something can be natural and beautiful, yet perform a real function and purpose, at the same time as bringing hope to disadvantaged communities.

We are honoured to be able to share the Wonki Ware story and introduce more people to these very special products.

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